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Successful events lead to new ideas and future initiatives. This is why right after the successful completion of a TISP Workshop in Athens back in 2015, the idea to have a call for TISP Workshops during a specific span of time was born.


Region 8 Educational Activities, started organizing an event called TISP Week while Greece Section Educational Activities, organized an event called TISP Day.  Both programs had the same principle; Utilize the psychology of the masses , in order to motivate as many OUs as possible to hold a TISP Workshop. TryEngineering Month, is the elevated progress of these two programs’ combination, which was first called TISP Week.


The idea is simple yet powerful. What we do is to encourage as many OUs as possible to implement a program or lesson plan displayed in TryEngineering.org during a specific month called the TryEngineering Month. All participating OUs are part of a common marketing effort. Moreover, they  get up to $250 funding, for the materials needed. Also, a team of experts consults the OUs on how to hold the event. Furthermore the Section or Region that it’s OUs hold the most events will be awarded with a very interesting award. Eligible events are those where the agenda is approved by the team of experts and the event is reported in vTools.

TryEngineering Month is an initiative funded by IEEE Educational Activities, aiming to motivate IEEE members to engage with STEM Pre-University activities during the period of one month.

Planned to run during November 2021, IEEE Organizational Units are encouraged to hold local Pre-University Educational events, through all available resources of STEM Portal. Among others, the available resources include, Student Workshops – Teacher Workshops – Girls In Stem.

You may ask, “This program is already a global initiative so why STEM Portal? “ First of all, the programs to be implemented are displayed in the STEM Portal. That leads to a great variety of programs that are all well documented. Secondly, STEM Portal is a platform where the OUs can share their experience and lead to a constant quality improvement for both the TryEngineering Month and the programs of STEM Portal. And last but not least; Inspiring IEEE volunteers to deliver STEM Portal programs to teachers and students all around the world, is our way to give back and contribute to improving future education.


About IEEE STEM Portal
The STEM Portal is for IEEE Volunteers and serves as a resource for all things related to Pre-University STEM programs and activities. Here, you can share your STEM best practices and programs with IEEE’s global community of volunteers, find inspiration from what others are doing, and utilize resources from this portal to develop or enhance your own programs.

About IEEE

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE’s highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

IEEE, pronounced “Eye-triple-E,” stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The association is chartered under this name and it is the full legal name. To learn more about the association’s name, for more information please read the History of IEEE.


TISP stands for the ‘Teacher In-Service Program’ and is a professional development program aimed at helping teachers bring exciting hands-on engineering lessons into their classrooms. IEEE volunteers are trained to conduct TISP workshops. These trained volunteers – known as TISP Champions – then take the program to their local areas and train school teachers.

The aim is for the school teachers to eventually implement these lesson plans in their classrooms on a regular basis and for the local TISP champions to keep in contact with the school teachers to provide support.

More information can be found on https://www.ieee.org/education/preuniversity/index.html