Guidelines and Schedule

We will be happy to assist you in your efforts to hold a productive educational event during TryEngineering Month.

Here is how to participate in this team effort:


Step 1

Visit STEM Portal  and select one of the outreach programs you would like to implement during the TryEngineering Month


Step 2

Read the implementation guide carefully and start preparing your event.


Step 3

Apply Here


Applications for funding are now closed, but you are welcome to apply to be part of this exciting event until the end of September! Let's showcase the E in STEM!

Step 4

At the end of July the selected participants that are eligible to receive a funding will be announced. A TryEngineering Month team member will contact the participants to request the agenda of the event in order to be approved.


Step 5

  • Create an event in vTools under the category Pre-University event.
  • Be sure to add the following logo and link to the end of the event description
  • Send the link to

Here is a tutorial on how to create and edit an event

If you do not have the rights to create an event in vtools, please contact for guidance. IEEE STEM champions all over the world can help you.


If your event implemented directly to pre-University students please read the IEEE  Guidelines For Working With Children and IEEE Policies  and follow the procedure to get trained and get certified for working with children.



After the event is held, submit an event report in vTools.



Submit the expense report in Concur